Solar Systems

Solar energy systems have been proven to reduce or eliminate monthly energy bills. Most customers see a total payback of their investment in just five to seven years, as well as a return of 40 percent of their investment in the first year.

With a solar energy system, you can generate a positive cash flow with an internal rate of return above ten percent. With over hundreds of systems installed, Moore Energy has the experience you want from your local solar installer. We pride ourselves on making the process of investing in a solar energy system easy: we offer financing, leasing, a free site review, a cost-benefit analysis, and detailed information on the system and its anticipated financial returns.

Making Solar Simple

Don’t worry, we will take care of all your paperwork.

Moore Energy is proud to offer industry-leading product and service guarantees. See how solar systems can save you money—give us a call 800-587-5534 to receive a free home evaluation from Moore Energy.

Contact us so we can let you know if you are a candidate for a site evaluation and energy savings report.

Why Should I Invest in Solar?

  • It’s simple – solar systems save you money
  • Reduce or eliminate your monthly electric bill
  • In most cases, 40% of investment is returned in the first year
  • Total payback period is typically 5-7 years
  • Generate positive cash flow with a high IRR

Why Should I Choose Moore Energy?

  • We are the most experienced local installer
  • We have installed over 100 solar systems
  • We offer turn-key solutions using our own crews every step of the way.
  • Our systems are fully tested and come with extended warranties.

This customer had ZERO due for their bill in October 2018